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Natalie Michelle Backpacks

Backpacks are no longer just for students!

This fashionable style of bag is great for everyone from doctors to corporate executives to athletes.
If you’re searching for a backpack that will never go out of style,
check out the Natalie Michelle Backpack
from SCORE! Designs.
The Natalie Michelle is available in medium or large, as well as 28 color combos.
Featuring a classic polka-dot pattern, this backpack will make travel and work commutes a breeze. Store your laptop, books, and other essentials in this backpack’s roomy interior, and place your cell phone or water bottle in its deep side pockets.
The Natalie Michelle backpack was designed with comfort in mind, which is why it features protective, plush shoulder pads. Water and spill-resistant, the Natalie Michelle Backpack can be worn anywhere, any time.
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