How to choose the Perfect Bag!

How to Choose the Perfect Bag

At SCORE! Designs, we are committed to offering the highest quality game day bags available anywhere. In addition to our stadium-compliant clear game day collection, we also offer a variety of opaque purses, totes, backpacks, and other bags, which are perfect for everything from coffee breaks to travelling abroad. When you choose SCORE! Designs for your designer handbag, you choose innovation, quality, and cutting-edge style.  

With literally hundreds of different design and color combinations to choose from, picking the right SCORE! bag can feel overwhelming. Here, we discuss four important questions to ask yourself before purchasing your bag. We’re confident that by the end of this page you will have found your dream purse, tote, clutch, bucket bag, satchel, or backpack.

This is the first question to ask yourself when deciding which bag to purchase. Whether you’re looking for a fun and functional everyday tote, or you just need something for a one-time occasion, SCORE! Designs has the perfect bag for you.

Game days: SCORE! Designs is known for providing the most fashionable game day bags available anywhere. Not only are they super stylish, but they are also compliant with most stadium bag policies, including the NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, PGA, MLB, and more! Our stadium-compliant collection includes the Medium Clear Chrissy, Small Clear Chrissy, Small Jacqui Satchel, Eva Clutch, and Clear Sarah Jean Bucket. Whether you opt for a clear or opaque bag, you’ll be sure to turn heads as you cheer on your favorite team!

Every student knows the struggle of having to lug around their laptop, textbooks, notebooks, and other everyday essentials, such as their water bottle and phone. With SCORE! designer bags, you can carry all of your school necessities while still looking stylish. For that classic backpack look, try out our roomy and durable Natalie Michelle Backpack. The Natalie Michelle features a timeless polka-dot pattern and is available in either large or medium. You might also want to consider our Kat Travel Tote, which features a spacious, deep-padded interior. 

Special occasions: Whether it’s a prom, wedding, or other formal event, there comes a time in every woman's life when she needs a glamorous yet practical bag. Thanks to SCORE!, you can be the belle of the ball without having to worry about keeping track of your possessions. Customers love our Eva Classic Clutch for its Hollywood glam style, which instantly evokes images of Audrey Hepburn and other bygone beauties. The Jacqui Satchel, our most popular design, is also great for formal events, on account of its petite size and ability to be either hand-carried or worn cross-body.

For the jetsetters among us, we offer a variety of travel backpacks, bucket bags, and totes. The Natalie Michelle Backpack makes the perfect carry-on bag, as it is an airline-approved size with enough room to comfortably store all of your in-flight essentials. For travelers looking for a solid color design, the Sarah Jean Bucket Bag, available in small and large, also makes an ideal travel companion. Lastly, the Kat Travel Tote is perfect for daytrippers and international travelers alike. Airline-approved, spacious, and deep-padded, this best-selling tote even features two snug exterior pockets to hold your boarding pass, as well as an interior zippered security pocket for your passport. 

Every day: Every woman is different when it comes to what kind of bag they prefer for everyday use. If you’re the practical, casual type, you might enjoy the functionality of a Natalie Michelle Backpack or Kat Travel Tote. Those looking for a more streamlined appearance might want something more petite, such as the Jacqui Satchel or Small Sarah Jean Bucket. Our clear bags are also perfect for those who work in secure work environments, such as hospital or airport employees.


Next, you will want to think about what you are going to store in your new bag. Common items include wallets, keys, phones, makeup, water bottles, chargers, tissues, and pens, but the possibilities are virtually endless!


Large: All of us know that person with a seemingly bottomless bag. Need an Advil? She’s got you covered. Suffering from midday munchies? You know who to text for a granola bar. If that person is you, we have plenty of bags big enough to fit your lifestyle. Many of our designs feature spacious interiors, as well as roomy inner and outer pockets. You’ll want to opt for one of our larger styles, such as the Large Sarah Jean Bucket, Kat Travel Tote, Andrea Tailgate Tote, or Large Natalie Michelle Backpack 


Medium: Maybe you’re the type of woman who, instead of carrying her entire makeup collection, just wants to bring the essentials, such as eyeliner and lip gloss. You’ll want to get a bag that is big enough to give you the storage space you need, while not so big that it feels bulky. For these in-betweeners, we offer a variety of medium-sized bags, including the Moniqua Clear Satchel, Medium Chrissy, and Medium Natalie Michelle Backpack


 Small: There’s something wonderful about not feeling loaded down by a bunch of stuff as you journey through your day. Small bags provide you with the practicality of having a place to stash your essentials, alongside the freedom of not feeling weighed down. They can also look super classy and cute. Our small bags include the Eva Classic Clutch, Jacqui Satchel, Small Chrissy, and Small Sarah Jean.


At Score! Designs we offer many dazzling colors to choose from, as well as a seemingly endless amount of color combinations, from black and metallic gold to bright orange and white. If you have a vision of what color(s) you would like for your bag, SCORE! Designs has a product to match. When it comes to choosing which color you would like for your SCORE! Bag, there are several things to keep in mind. 

Favorite Color: When getting to know someone, one of the most common questions they will ask is: “What is your favorite color?” We all have a go-to answer, and while this question may seem trivial, it actually can reveal quite a bit about a person. Unsurprisingly, those who choose green as their favorite color feel a special connection to nature. Those who opt for yellow tend to have a sunny disposition. If you have a color that you can’t help returning to again and again, don’t resist it! SCORE! has a bag for you! 

Favorite outfit: No outfit is complete without the perfect purse. We all know which outfit we pull out of the closet when we want to look our best, whether it be a curve-hugging pair of jeans, or that classic little black dress. Thanks to our wide variety of colors and color combinations, you can finally complete your head-turning look. We offer everything from clutches, to totes, to satchels, so no matter whether you choose to dress it up or go casual, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Favorite team: At SCORE!, we know the struggle of being an avid sports fan. When your team wins, you feel that high, and when they lose, you’re right there in the pits with them. With our stadium-approved game day bags, you can cheer on your favorite team in style. Our game day bags are perfect for every aspect of the sports fan lifestyle, from tailgating, to viewing parties, to post-game celebrations. We offer a nearly endless selection of color combinations to match many NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL, and other sports teams. In addition, we also offer licensed decals, glitter tattoos, handheld fans, and purse stickers featuring a variety of NCAA and NFL logos, so you can leave no doubt about where your loyalty lies.

 Sorority colors: Joining a sorority is a great way to learn leadership skills, cultivate a sense of identity, and make friends that will last a lifetime. If you’re in a sorority at your college or your university, then we offer a variety of SCORE! game day bags to match your sorority colors. From Chi Omega's Red & Gold to Sigma Sigma Sigma’s royal purple and white we have the specific color combo you need to show off your sorority spirit! In addition to selling individual bags, we also offer bulk orders, so that every sister can show off their Greek pride with a matching purse, backpack, satchel, or other bag. Get in touch to learn more.  


Lastly, you’ll want to ask yourself what type of pattern you would like for your bag. We offer three distinct pattern options, so there’s something for everyone’s personal style. 

Polka dot: Our signature print is polka dot, since we started off offering polka dot game day bags and expanded our collection from there! We love polka dot because it is a timeless style that matches nearly any outfit. Polka dots are not only playful, but they can also help you stand out among the crowd thanks to their bright, juxtaposed colors. If you love polka dots as much as we do, then you’re in luck. We offer polka-dot print for nearly all of our bags, including the Small Chrissy Bag, Medium Chrissy Bag, Eva Classic Clutch, Jacqui Satchel, Moniqua Clear Satchel, Sarah Jean Clear Bucket, Sarah Jean Small Bucket, Natalie Michelle Backpack, and Andrea Tailgate Tote. Better yet, our polka-dot designs come in a number of color combinations, so you can find the perfect palette for you! 

Houndstooth: Houndstooth is another classic print that has a rich history. We’ve chosen to include this timeless pattern in our collection because not only does it have a lovely duotone design, but it also can match nearly any outfit. Houndstooth is also perfect for any occasion, from formal events to everyday wear. Traditionally, houndstooth was a pattern for men, but in the twentieth-century designers began to use it for women’s clothing as a sign of subversion. Today, it has been featured on the runways of many high-profile designers, such as Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Chanel, Armani, and more. Houndstooth is a fierce, fearless print — it signals to the world that you are an independent woman who’s not afraid to make a statement. We offer many of our bags in classic black-and-white houndstooth, including the Small Chrissy, Medium Chrissy, Small Sarah Jean Bucket, Clear Sarah Jean Bucket, Solid Sarah Jean Bucket, Moniqua Clear Satchel, Jacqui Satchel, and Eva Classic Clutch.

Solid: You simply can’t go wrong with a solid-colored bag. Not only is it guaranteed to match almost any outfit, but it also lets the beauty of your bag speak for itself. Solid-colored outfits make for an elegant, classy look that you can either dress up or dress down. Solid colors are also great for photographs, as they keep the focus on you and not your outfit. So if you’re looking to update your Instagram, then you might want to opt for a solid-colored bag. They also tend to have a slimming effect, especially darker shades such as navy, purple, and black. We offer a variety of solid-colored bags, including the Eva Classic Clutch, Large Sarah Jean Bucket, and Kat Travel Tote.


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