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3 Ideas for Socially Distanced Tailgating

While football season is definitely going to look a little different than normal this year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still partake in the joys of tailgating from the comfort of your own home. At SCORE!, we know how important tailgating can be to getting you in the spirit for cheering on your favorite team. In fact, our clear game day bag collection was created with sports fans and tailgaters like you in mind. Our stadium-approved clear purses are compliant with bag policies at most major stadiums, arenas, and events, including the NFL, NCAA, NHL, NBA, Nascar, NBA, and MLB. When you wear a SCORE! clear bag to the stadium for the big game, you can rest assured that you’ll have a fun, functional, and stylish accessory that you can wear the whole day through.

In this blog post, we share three fun and creative ideas for socially distanced tailgating that you can enjoy with your friends this football season. Read on to learn more, then browse our stadium-compliant clear game day bag collection now!

Backyard Barbecues

If you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard, then you can use all that beautiful green space for throwing a socially distanced tailgating party with friends! Whether you stick to a small group of ten friends or less or invite over the neighbors (while keeping to a comfortable six foot distance) you can still get down to some of your favorite tunes, enjoy some burgers hot off the grill, and discuss your favorite team in the lead up to kickoff. If your backyard has a playground, then even better, so the kids will have a place to play while you catch up with friends. There’s nothing like sports to bring people together, even while apart!

Balcony Bashes/Porch Parties

Even if your house doesn’t have a backyard, you can still enjoy hanging out with your neighbors and eating some home-cooked grub when you throw a balcony bash or porch party. Dust off the boombox, unpack your portable grill, and get game-day-ready with the rest of the street. If you’re really looking to take things to the next level, you could even opt for some body paint or one of our SCORE! glitter body and face tattoos. Your family and neighbors will appreciate this show of enthusiasm and solidarity as a way to remind them that, even during a crisis like COVID-19, their sports fan community has their back. 

FaceTime Fiestas

FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and the many other forms of web-based communication available today have made keeping in touch with family, friends, and fellow sports fans during COVID-19 easier than anyone thought possible. There’s no better way to take advantage of this technology than by throwing a virtual tailgating party with friends. Best of all, the fun doesn’t need to stop when the game starts — you can all enjoy a livestream from the stadium together, and comment on the plays in real time. And you won’t have to worry about any drinking and driving!

Nobody Knows Tailgating Like SCORE!

At SCORE! We know how important it is for sports fans to have each other’s backs during times of crisis like COVID-19. With our stadium-compliant bags and designer purses, backpacks, totes, and more, you can look great and get in the game day spirit even when you’re not at the stadium. We have bags in a variety of different colors and color combinations so that you can always match your favorite team. Be sure to visit the SCORE! blog regularly for even more sports fan tips and tricks as we get through this unprecedented time together.