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About SCORE!

Purses~of~Purpose & Passion

A One-of-a-Kind Company
Innovative, progressive, and in-tune with the ever-evolving security-conscious world of event and workplace fashion, SCORE! Designs embraces the passion and love women have for their favorite teams, schools, and organizations. With a need to express this passion through fashionable accessories, women change the lives of those in need through the L.E.T.'SCORE! philanthropic initiatives~ One "Purse-of-Purpose & Passion" at a time!
SCORE! Designs is a certified, woman-owned enterprise based in San Antonio,Texas, inspired by an a-ha moment and passionately cultivated by a team of remarkable women; that’s not to say that men aren’t integral to our company! Each team member has a father, grandfather, brother, son, uncle, cousin, friend, boyfriend, or husband encouraging and reinforcing their dream to create a new American purse brand.
SCORE! Designs is the leader in game day purse couture and is redefining purses-of-purpose and passion. By combining stadium-compliant policies with fashionable, chic accessories, SCORE! Designs is meeting the evolving tastes, needs and lifestyles of the American woman. Realizing that clear doesn’t need to equal plain and ordinary, SCORE! is reinventing a modern approach to purses of passion.
SCORE! Designs is guided by the principles of integrity, honor, morality, sincerity, and trustworthiness in their products, company and team members. Our collaborative approach to problem-solving, promoting new directions, and the consideration of ideas is integral to our growth as a company and our development as individuals.
As an organization, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of others through collective philanthropic endeavors and outreach through the unique L.E.T.'SCORE! philanthropic initiatives.
True to the company’s respect and love of heritage and family, each SCORE! style is named for important and remarkable women in the lives of our team members. In an effort to promote awareness of SCORE's charities, several passionately colorful collections are representative of the various charities' endeavors and
designed to donate 10% of sales.
The Leader in Game Day Fashion!

SCORE! Designs specializes in designer quality, stadium compliant handbags for professional, college, and high school sporting events, including NFL, NCAA, NHL, PGA,  ASL, MLB, MLS, and ATA games. SCORE! designs are also ideal for horse and car race tracks, secure work environments, concerts, and most other stadium and arena events.

SCORE! is passionate about color! Vibrant color combos are meant to reflect a spirit of camaraderie and belonging among women for their favorite teams, sororities, and other organizations. And SCORE!'s mission to Color Our World with Purses-of-Purpose & Passion is the perfect combination to give back in a BIG way!


What sets SCORE! Game Day Bags apart from other stadium-compliant purses?

Superior quality of materials

Stylish designs


 Vibrant colors

Philanthropic Purpose

There is simply no other bag like a SCORE! Game Day Bag in the WORLD!