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Nine Game Day Essentials to Bring to the Stadium

You’ve been waiting all week and at last, the big game is here! Whether it’s preseason or the playoffs, make sure you bring along these nine game day essentials to enjoy the day and cheer on your favorite team in style. 


Experts recommend that you drink a whopping half gallon of water every day. If you’re spending the day outside or drinking alcohol, proper hydration is even more important.  Before heading out to the stadium, make sure to pack your SCORE! stadium-approved bag with a water bottle. Stadiums often have requirements concerning what kinds of bottles are or aren’t permissible—often, water bottles must be sealed and may only hold a certain number of ounces. Check with your stadium ahead of time to make sure that your water bottle fits the parameters.

SCORE! Face Tattoos

Nothing expresses team spirit quite like our SCORE! Face Tattoos. These glittery stickers can be applied anywhere on your face or body, or even on one of our purses. We offer tattoo designs for 27 different college teams, so you can show where your loyalty lies. All of our tattoos are reusable; simply peel them off, reapply to any hard surface and continue to enjoy!

Comfy Shoes

Game days may be great for your spirit, but they can be hard on your soles. From tailgating to standing up for sideline cheers and chants, there’s nothing like a football game to put your feet to the test. Be sure to bring a pair of cute and comfy shoes to ensure that your stadium experience is as painless as possible.

SCORE! Stadium Spirit Handheld Fans

Thanks to our Stadium Spirit Handheld Fans, you no longer have to suffer through another hot game. Our fans come in 12 different designs so you can rep your favorite college team. Each fan is 9.75” in diameter when popped open, but folds down to a compact 3.5”the perfect size for your SCORE! stadium-compliant hand bags. Show your team that you’re their number one “fan” with this convenient and unique game day essential.

Cash and/or Credit Cards

Nothing ruins a perfect game day like being left high and dry with no money. Whether you’re looking to load up at the concession stand or simply need to pay for parking, cash or credit cards are crucial to ensuring that your game day is snag-free. All of our SCORE! stadium-approved designer bags come with a convenient interior privacy pouch to hold your money, credit cards, tickets, and I.D. 

SCORE! Collegiate & Pro Team Logo Purse Stickers

Take your team cheer to the next level with our Collegiate & Pro Team Logo Purse Stickers. These ultra durable vinyl stickers are waterproof and dishwasher safe. Stick them onto one our SCORE! stadium-approved clear bags for a customized touch or add them to your favorite water bottle or game day cooler. 


What better place to spend a day out in the sun than in your favorite team’s stadium? While sports games may be a great excuse to work on your tan, they also cause a lot of exposure to UV rays. Apart from protecting your eyes from cataracts, sunglasses will keep you from spending the day squinting to see the field. Toss a cute set of sunglasses into one of our SCORE! game day bags and leave your eye damage worries behind.

Portable Charger

Who doesn’t love to document their favorite events with photos and videos? Thanks to smartphone cameras, capturing game day moments is easier now than ever before. A downside to this convenience is that cameras have a tendency to quickly drain phone batteries. Before you head out to the stadium, make sure to pack your SCORE! game day bag with a portable phone charger; your social media followers won’t be disappointed. 

SCORE! Stadium-Approved Bag

Last, but not least, is the ultimate game day accessory to hold it altogetheryour SCORE! Stadium-Approved Bag. Our collection of stadium-compliant bucket bags, clutches, purses, and satchels come in six unique varieties, each with an assortment of different color and pattern options. All of our game day bags are made from thick polyurethane and machine-stitched for maximum durability. Each bag features our signature rhinestone closure and purse dangle to add that extra splash of style you desire. From small clutches to large bucket bags, our stadium-approved hand bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your game day needs. Order one today and celebrate your team’s victory in style!