How to choose the Perfect Bag!

SCORE! Bags Are for More Than Just Sports

Many of our SCORE! designer quality handbags are clear and stadium-approved, making them the perfect accessory for professional and collegiate sporting events. If spending a day by the gridiron isn’t your thing, our wide variety of fashionable purses, clutches, backpacks, and other bags can be used for so much more than just sports. In this blog post, we discuss just a few of the many occasions where your SCORE! bag can provide a hip and handy solution for all your carrying needs. Order your own SCORE! bag today from our online shop.


Air Travel

Finding a carry-on bag for your next airplane adventure no longer has to cause you stress. Our high quality designer, machine-stitched SCORE! bags are destined to become your new favorite air travel companions. Each bag comes with its own unique features, such as interior privacy pouches perfect for holding your cash, passport, or I.D., and the deep side pockets for your water bottle or cell phone. All of our bags are airline-approved, so you don’t have to worry about being held up at security due to TSA restrictions. 

While each bag in our varied selection has its own benefits for air travel, a few of our products, in particular, are perfect for carry on luggage. Our durable Andrea Tailgate Tote

is one of the roomiest shoulder bags in our collection, making it ideal for carrying all of your airplane essentials. If backpacks are more your style, our Natalie Michelle Backpack may be just what you need to travel with ease. Featuring a reinforced bottom and roomy interior, our versatile backpacks are perfect for carrying your tablet or laptop, so you can say goodbye to boredom on long haul flights. Last but not least, our Travel Tote was designed with travel in mind. The oversized exterior pockets will securely hold your phone, passport, or boarding pass, so you’ll have no more fumbling around to get you through the gate. Whether you’re headed on a globe hop or just a weekend getaway, our SCORE! bags have got you covered.

Concerts and Festivals

What better way to spend a fun night out than watching your favorite musical act perform live? For an even more immersive experience, outdoor music festivals will help make your summer unforgettable. One downside of these events is that concert and festival venues often have strict requirements on which bags and purses are or are not permissible. Some festivals have even instated rules that require concertgoers to carry clear bags only. Thanks to our wide variety of cute clear bags, you no longer have to sacrifice style for the sake of getting to hear live music. 

If you plan on bringing just the essentials to your next concert or festival, then our Small Clear Chrissy purse may be just what you need. Made with weatherproof polyurethane and featuring a scannable interior ticket pouch, this stylish shoulder bag will be sure to turn heads. If you’re looking for a roomier interior, we also offer the Chrissy bag in medium as well. For those wanting an even larger bag, our Moniqua Clear Satchel is the perfect way to keep your essentials safe. Available in 31 color combinations, the Moniqua satchel is sure to look chic with any outfit you choose. 

Secure Workplaces

In order to improve security and prevent loss, more and more workplaces are requiring their employees to carry clear bags. Workplaces that often feature clear bag policies include prisons, TSA, warehouses, retail stores, and casinos. Finding a cute clear bag is almost impossible in store. Consider this problem solved, thanks to SCORE! designer bags. Just because the boss says you need to carry a clear bag, doesn’t mean you have to look ordinary. You can keep your workplace policies while still celebrating your style with our large collection of see-through totes and purses, such as the Chrissy Bag, Moniqua Satchel, Andrea Tailgate Tote, and more.


With SCORE! designer bags, shopping until you drop is easier than ever before! Our large selection of roomy and durable handbags, bucket bags, backpacks, and totes make for the perfect mall or grocery store experience. Disposable shopping bags are not only breakable, but also bad for the environment. Thanks to SCORE! you never have to worry about losing your new purchases or polluting the ocean again. 

For those seeking size and convenience, our Sarah Jean Large Bucket Bag can fulfill all your shopping needs. Crafted from 100% vegan leather and featuring a durable drawstring, this chic bucket bag provides a comfortable and convenient solution to carrying your purchases. If you’re more of a shoulder bag shopper, the Travel Tote is 100% hand washable, so even grocery spills can’t keep you from looking fab.

Date Night

It’s Saturday night, you’re dressed in your favorite outfit, and you can’t wait to go out and meet that special somebody. The only thing missing is a cute clutch to complete your sizzling look. Take your date night outfit to the next level with our Eva Classic Clutch. This elegant bag can be carried in your hand like a classic clutch or worn cross- body thanks to its chic and detachable chain. Available in 40 different color combinations and featuring our signature rhinestone closure, the Eva Classic Clutch also makes the perfect addition to any prom outfit. Whether you’re going for classy or cute, you can’t go wrong with this slim and stylish handbag.

No matter the activity, SCORE! Designs has a bag to fit your needs. From football games to festivals, tailgate parties to travel, our SCORE! products will keep you stylish and secure. Check out our online shop and order your own SCORE! designer bag today.