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The SCORE! Trifecta: Security, Fashion Passion, and Design

Inspired, Must-Have, Game Day Couture and Team Spirit
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 SCORE! Game Day Purses-of-Purpose & Passion 
In 2014, while attending my first game of the playoffs~ San Antonio SPURS vs Dallas Mavericks~ I missed the opening ceremonies, as well as, the tip-off due to a new, time-consuming policy to physically search every lady’s handbag. 

 This moment inspired my idea to create a clear, designer handbag to step-up the security screening process time and easily breeze through security handbag searches.

No consistent, national policies, in any league, had been developed, or enforced, at this point. My clear bag “A-ha Moment” CLEARLY was an inspiration of innovation ahead of the game…and policies!

Fashion Passion

But it wasn’t just about getting IN to the game…I wanted fashionable designer quality, style, pizazz, sparkle and above all PASSIONATE COLORS that reflected my loyalty and team spirit for my favorite teams, schools and organizations!

Many women do not go to games, but wear their team colors proudly at work, game day errand running, traveling through airports, at sports bars, etc. This larger customer base, with loyalty-based color passion, expanded my SCORE! line to include stylish designs of solid clutches, satchel, cross-bodies, totes and back packs.

In 2016, the NFL initiated clear and limited-sized solid handbag policies in stadiums across United States and were quickly followed by the NCAA. 

2017 saw a dramatic increase of other organizations, such as the PGA, NHL, NASCAR, Olympics, horse racing tracks, movie theaters and concert venues or festivals following suit. 

Many workplace environments, like TSA, prisons, department stores, pharmacies and cosmetic stores, and high schools in larger metropolitan cities across America have also joined the security conscience policy revolution.

With security measures increasing across the country, many major employers now require clear handbags of all their employees which affects 500,000 women in America.

So why not add a bit of pizzazz to the game day bag?!


SCORE!’s classy styles and passionately, colorful Purses-with-Purpose, revolve around a woman’s passions for favorite color combos that reflect her loyalties for her teams, schools and organizations, like sororities or  even her child’s affiliations. All SCORE! designer products are named after daughters, nieces, and women of influence in my life and no other company in the world offers this genre of purses with 12 styles and 28-44 color combos.  Truly on-of-a-kind line, fitting perfectly into the trifecta niches of Security, Passion and Design.  SCORE! Game Day Bag brings a unique, innovative product to all fans by offering them the opportunity to represent their teams with a chic, compliant, colorful and designer handbag in the styles they adore.